Avocado Abomination

12 01 2009

My goal was to recount our various restaurant visits and then, once caught up, document our upcoming jaunts, but something happened yesterday that I just had to give priority to.

Yesterday I had a couple of friends over and we got to talking about the old “wacky tabacky.” One friend posed the question . . . “have you ever eaten an avocado . . .  ON WEED?” Apparently it’s very good when chilled . . . ON WEED!

He began a detailed description that went something like this:

HIM: “You know how when you cut an avocado in half and then take the seed out there’s a little ditch inside?”

ME: “Mm, hmm.”

At this point I was sure that he was going to suggest filling the avocado center with soy sauce, something I’ve recently become privy to. It may sound a bit gross to some, but to anyone who has ever enjoyed raw avocado with a little salt on the top, it makes sense.

HIM: “Well you fill the middle with maple syrup”

ME: *GAG* “That sounds atrocious!”

HIM: “No, it’s delicious! If it’s really cold it tastes just like ice cream!”

Somehow, I doubt it

Please don't fill me with maple syrup!

Please don't fill me with maple syrup!

Stoner food stories are great. I remember a particularly amusing conversation between two girlfriends of mine in college. I’ll call them Sarah and Rita:

SARAH: “When I’m high I love to eat chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter. I was just doing that last weekend but for some reason Rita stopped me. Rita, what the f?”

RITA: “I stopped you because you were eating chocolate chip cookies and MUSTARD.”

ME: “Gross.”

Can't say I blame the guy

Can't say I blame the guy

That’s all for now. Coming up, I’ll describe ROM’s inaugural trip to Sakagura. Mmmmmm . . . sake!




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