Wino the Moment . . . on the cheap!

13 01 2009

. . . because I do enjoy a glass now and then.

People in the know, are aware that in NYC (certainly downtown!) there are only three places worth bothering to buy booze, especially wine:

1) Astor Wines & Spirits, 399 Lafayette (at East 4th St.), the prices are good and their “top ten under ten” is great when you want to grab a bottle & leave. Also, it’s spacious and set up so you can comfortably take your time seeing what they’ve got in stock. However, over the years, and certainly since they moved to their new location, the prices don’t seem as downright low as they used to be. And when I’m buying a bottle for personal consumption, it’d better be under 10! (More that than & it’s for guests) I like to see how close I can come to $5 in fact! And that’s the beauty of NYC, there are quality wines out there for those prices if you care to look.

Let the good times roll baby

Let the good times roll baby

2) Warehouse Wines & Spirits, 735 Broadway, btw. Waverly & 8th St., Bargain hunters been knowin’ about this place for YEARS. And the prices for liquor here rival the internet. They have a very good wine selection but frankly I can’t be bothered with the convoluted aisle system since the narrow aisles tend to get crowded so you don’t have the luxury of taking your time to look at stuff. But their champagne prices are great! And I’ve come in on more than one occasion when hard liqour tastings have been going on. Great after a long day at work.

Warehouse indeed

Warehouse indeed: they didn't have an image so I thought I'd hook them up & make one for 'em

3)Trader Joe Wines, 14th St. btw. 3rd & 4th aves, Both user-friendliness and bang-for-the-bucky, it combines the ease of Astor & cheap, cheap, cheapness of Warehouse Wines & Liquors. They also carry organic wines for those that care about such things. There’s a Sicilian wine I especially like that runs for $3.99! Where else can you get drinkable stuff at such a price? (Legally, that is). I even found myself hiting my $10 ceiling when I fell in love with a Vouvray over the summer ($9.99). Since the $6.99 Prosecco I normally buy is more than adequate (TJ shoppers know which one I’m talking about), it’s a testament to it’s deliciousness.

Smart winos know

For winos in the know

That about does it for this post. I have more a-bubblin’ in my brain so stay tuned for wine info.




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18 01 2009
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo- bang for the buck! « ROM (Restaurant of the Month)

[…] what’s really great about this wine is if you buy a bottle at one of the places I mentioned here there is many a bargain to be had. Just this week I got a great bottle at TJ’s for I believe […]

25 02 2009
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[…] online at what people were saying about good bourbons and compared it with what good ol’ Warehouse Wines & Spririts had on the shelf and came up with Buffalo Trace for a weekend trip with friends. Wow. This is […]

4 03 2009

Me likey the picture of Warehouse Wines. Yes, Warehouse has ridiculously narrow lines, but if you’re in the area, it’s really worth a trip since it’s close to the two other shops mentioned above. I always have a bottle of Absolut Pears in my freezer and Warehouse’s price is $5.00 cheaper than anywhere else in the city. That adds up if you go through vodka the way I do…and yes, champagne is rather inexpensive there. Definitely worth a trip, especially in these economic times. One other thing to point out: the employees knows their shit! That really helps…

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