What to do with open wine?

22 01 2009

Besides drink it of course. Sometimes you open that bottle that didn’t turn out quite like you expected and finishing it becomes an exercise in masochism. Or perhaps you’re home alone and you’re afraid one more glass will nudge you towards emailing exes.

Taking a whole bottle to the dome!

Takin a bottle to the dome!

In any case, once you put that bad boy in the fridge (and you MUST if you want to slow down the oxidization process) it probably won’t be nearly as good the next day. So the easy answer is to cook with it. In my family we often put wines in stews and tomato sauces, anywhere from 1/4-1/2 a cup and give it a good boil to burn the alcohol off. If it’s white wine use if for risotto (the wine should just cover the rice after it’s been fried in butter) or mussels (and throw in an onion, some parsley a couple lemon slices and red pepper flakes. BAM! Instant meal . . . oops, didn’t mean to channel Emeril there). You can also use reds for risottos but because it throws the color off it works best if you’re making beet (gorgeous & delicious) or carrot risotto. More about those later.

If you’re like me & you have a tiny fridge, you can’t be havin half-open bottles using up valuble real estate in the ol’ cooler. Here’s a solution: pour your wine into an ice cube tray and freeze it. When it’s done put them in a zip lock baggie in your freezer and any time you’re making a soup or stew, throw a couple in.

And if you're cooking with Boones, this is what it will look like! (please don't)

And if you're cooking with Night Train, this is what it will look like! (please don't)

In these hard times, we can’t be pouring wine down the drain. Make something tasty!




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