Angry Letters

2 02 2009

Many people have hobbies: some knit, others build models, even others stalk people via the internet. I write angry customer letters. I do it because I find it hilarious and sometimes you get free stuff. I think of this because recently a friend sent me and angry customer letter, as reprinted in the BBC, that was written to Virgin Airlines. It took the art to new interactive heights and even got a response from Sir Richard Branson himself. Have a look here. I feel like a ship-in-a-bottle builder must upon viewing an especially fantastic specimen.

I thought about my own journey in angry customer letters, remembering how I was inspired by a combination of the hilarious coffee table book my friend had at his house and a piece of plastic that turned up in a Sunshine brand breakfast bar (why I was eating it, I’ll never know). I tried to make my first angry letter as outrageous as possible claiming  “I shuddered when thinking how Sunshine had duped my sweet children with their plastic-filled treats.” I got a got a box sent to my house with every flavor they made. I was more psyched by the validation rather than the bars since they were kind of gross.

In our email age, I feel like the integrity of this art has somehow deteriorated. Anyone can bang out an angry email in a few seconds and companies are getting more correspondence; this also means that there isn’t a whole lot of pay-off. Still, the angry letter remains one of the many things I do to amuse myself. These days I keep them pretty honest but outraged since I find reality is often so ridiculous it really doesn’t need much embellishment.

How about u dont make sense

How about u dont make sense




2 responses

11 02 2009
Sarah Pease

Yikes! What is the food on that guy’s virgin flight, indeed? I too am a fan of the angry letter…is it true that you can get free makeup from an angry letter?

11 02 2009

I did, in fact, get two free lipsticks out of MAC through the power of angry letters! In both cases the lipsticks broke on me pretty early on. I was not amused.

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