Nero D’Avola: saving you dollaz…Deliciously!

23 02 2009

Sicily, the region of Italy that brought us the mob and square pizza gives us even more reasons for gratitude in the form of the lovely wine variety Nero D’Avola. I think I’ve made clear in this blog that I’m always looking to enjoy the finer things NYC has to offer, such as a nice glass of wine after work, at third world prices, because I believe you can come damn close! Some wine varieties can be delicious at low price points. Others? Not so much. A lot of people’s go to cheapos: shiraz, malbec, are often borderline undrinkable to me! I find you have to go upwards of $12 at discount wine stores (think $20 at your average store) to get something that doesn’t taste like it was made in a prison inmate’s toilet out of Nyquil and Koolaid. Not so with Nero D’Avola.

Where the magic happens

Where the magic happens

While many cheap wines punch you in the face with a burst of crappy fruit (think Yellowtail) Nero D’Avola has a big flavor without being sickly sweet. It has a fruitiness that doesn’t overstay its welcome on the palate and stands up to acidic and mildly spicy foods. I get a good one at Trader Joe’s for $4! I wasn’t able to find it online but next time I buy it I’ll make a note of the name. Unlike Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, Nero D’Avola is not as invitingly cheap when it actually graces wine lists at restaurants. I don’t know why that is except that perhaps it hasn’t quite taken off in popularity and is priced for scarcity. Lame. But we’re still talking on the lower end of the price spectrum.

In other ROM news, this month brings us to Sri Lankan cuisine! While I’ve had a variety of South East Asian cuisines, this one has eluded me until now. I also still have to catch up with our December & January restaurants as well: Agnati in Queens and Thomas Beisl in Brooklyn. Stay tuned.




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