This blog has been created to chronicle the exploits of a little group we call ROM or Restaurant of the Month and to document this hungry girl’s struggle to eat well in NYC. Once a month me and 8-10 of my closest friends pick a New York City restaurant to descend like a pack of hungry vultures starved for food and alcohol. We pride ourselves on our discerning palates and a flair for using language for hating and loving accordingly, but always politically incorrectly. As NYC residents, we may have trouble making rent, but we still enjoy the good life. I expect this site will probably be most interesting for those who enjoy eating on the cheap and exploring NYC restaurants although I will throw a couple posts up devoted to cooking  (esp. in a small kitchen), eating, drinking, other musings on food and life in general.

So please, visit, look around, enjoy and feel free to comment. In short, WELCOME ABOARD PUTAS!!!


8 responses

13 01 2009

Grand Opening! Congratulation!

18 01 2009

Yo biz! You are rockin the NYC foodie crew! Take me somewhere when I get there in February!

18 01 2009

I just read the whole thing, and will come back frequently to indulge.

18 01 2009

uh this is very cool, good stuff!!! even tho I have a short attention sp..

18 01 2009

Good looks friends! I can’t tell youz how much I appreciate the support. I’m mad analog so I can’t stress enough how I’m learning as I go, so if I accidentally post my birth certificate or inappropriate photos from me & J’s “honeymoon” don’t be too surprised.

21 01 2009


Looking forward to those ‘honeymoon’ pixs!!

21 01 2009

Hey, for real though. This is fantastic! That avocado and maple syrup shit sounded nasty though! (but I can’t really say nothing about it; I was all into peanut butter, pickles and mayonnaise before…)

21 01 2009

Tell me more! I’m curious about this kind of stuff. If it’s gross enough, I’ll do a write up on it! Hit me off at gmail if you like . . .

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